Life in the Valley of Riches

I just had a guy, maybe 40, come in and ask why we were stopping the print product. While he smelled the paper. He said, “You can’t get this smell from a computer screen.” I laughed and replied, “You can’t swat a fly with a computer either.”
Over the past month, I have been asked if we are stopping our print product, due to social media rumors over our new digital platform. The answer to that is “NO!” We have no plans to quit printing on paper. We will stop printing when a press, ink and paper are no longer available. I repeat, “WE ARE GOING TO CONTINUE THE PRINT PRODUCT!”
The reason we added the digital platform to our table was that many younger people like to read on their phone. Also, the business model of reoccurring monthly subscription payment options seems to be the trend that works well for the up and coming generations.
To be honest it’s something I have fought against tooth and nail against for decades in our industry. When radio came, they said it would kill newspapers. When TV came, they said it would kill radio and newspapers. When the internet came, they said it would kill all three. I am happy to say that all are alive and well.
But times change and technology forces us to reevaluate things. While the day may come when we don’t print on paper, we will still be disseminating the news. News that has an editorial process, news that is far more accurate than your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s mom heard a white tiger on Westside Road last night. And no, there is not a white tiger on the loose. I’m sure they appreciate the free advertising but please don’t call the cat park to ask.
I will end with this: I am very happy many of you were sad, even angry that the print paper was going away; I too am glad it’s just a social media rumor. Trust me, no one will be as unhappy as me when that day comes. But until then, keep reading, swatting flies, lining bird cages, wrapping fish, lighting wood stoves, heck, even house train a puppy. I don’t suggest you try doing any of that with your computer.
Thank you for getting your news from us, no matter what format, enjoy! ~ djm