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Dear Editor:
Just wanted to thank you for printing my letter against further taxation.
It’s unfortunate your reporter called my speech”,long-winded”. She makes no attempt to state the reasons I am opposed to additional taxation. If anyone is “longwinded it clearly was Dan Deyoung who went far beyond my time speaking in favor of more taxes to fund law enforcement.
No mention by the reporter of inflation and seniors on fixed income having an even more difficult time surviving
One can only surmise the reporter is pro taxation whether it be a sales tax doomed to fail or a taxing district that is permanent.
Let’s not tax ourselves into prosperity.
Let’s vote no and not yield to the scare tactics by local government Cave Junction or the county.
Finally since the cj city councilors want to raise your taxes let’s find willing replacements to truly represent the many near the poverty line and vote the entire board out at the upcoming election.
I am currently gathering a list of those that represent the seniors, low income etc. so we can have a new council that cares
Please call Mark Seligman _5416601505 or email mseligman1505@gmail.com
Thank you!
Mark Seligman