Tee Tattler

by Terry Taylor

Happy Summer days are finally here at the Illinois Valley Country Club Golf Course!
In Men’s Club League this week- full standings:
1st Tie-Taylor’s Sausage1, Taylor’s2/Valley Fabrication—92
2nd Kerby Electric—88
3rd Jerry’s Towing—84
4th Robbins Brothers–80
5th Selma Second Hand—76
6th FLA—70
7th John L Scott Realty—69
8th KALA Seafood—67
9th BUD BROS—66
10th Valley Boyz—50
11th True Value—48
12th 3 Ridge Ranch—47
13th Wilbur’s-Stained Glass—43
14th Ryan and Eric—37
15th Team Rossi—33
16th Lucas and Todd—31
17th Brad and Joel—21
18th Tie, Moe and Skylar
and Cam and Aahron–18

Wednesday night skins were won by D’Lynn and Todd, with about 11 guys showing up and one gal—Emily. Beautiful Spring-like weather this entire week has brought a bunch of players out and enjoying the fellowship that a good golfing community makes.
Kids have been playing out on the course, the little ones get one hole in during the two hours they play. Greyson Nichols says it’s too hot, at 75 degrees. This week the kids will have one last practice day then next week it will be a little tournament with a pizza and ice cream party following.
Thursday night ladies – the gals played holes then took a cocktail break and went back out and played glow balls until after 9:00. Emily drove almost into the cross ditch on 9, about 240 yards, looking like a contender for club championship. All this, from a little girl who we had to drag down the fairway at 6 years old, because it was “too far.” Jaime, Jamie, Sue and Emily shot an impressive 41 on the first nine holes. Amy, Melyndee, Tasha and McKenzie shot an equally impressive 50. Tasha drove the green on #8.
Friday night skins had about 25 players so we split into two groups—the handicapped group and the pros. The pros had an upset with Jim Losey and Tyler and Chaise Robbins winning all the skins leaving D’Lynn and Todd licking their wounds this week. The handicapped group saw newcomer Mark Cooke winning all the skins for a $25 payday. We also started something new with a poker theme where a player gets one card for every one putt with a $5 ante amount. If a player three putts he has to put $1 in the pot. D’Lynn had 5 cards and showed a two-pair hand, winning about $100.
Saturday was GLOW BALL. Five teams showed up and played 9 holes in the daylight, ate a nice taco bar dinner made by Laura and Buddy and then went out for another 9 holes after dark. Colby, Jim, Tyler and D’Lynn got 1st, Todd, Troy, Ryan, Moe and Skylar-2nd, Chaise, Taylor, Eric and Bailee 3rd, and mega-team Mike, Michelle, Scott, Sue, Tyler2, Melyndee, Brayden and Tasha completed the course well after 1 am.
This Saturday is the annual Joel Dierkes’ Birthday HORSERACE tournament. We expect a good group of players and lots and lots of good-natured teasing and a bit of beer as well. We welcome spectators to help supply some hazing, so please call the pro shop at 541-592-3151 to ask about details if you would like to participate.