Tee Tattler

by Terry Taylor

Hello from the golf course at the Illinois Valley Country Club

In this week’s news, the Monday night men’s club had a few teams beginning to realize that summer is here and their gardens are lacking sorrowfully, so a large handful have been missing to catch up at home. This is helping some of the teams with fewer points to jump into contention as we give a bonus point for everyone who shows up. The heat has not been an issue yet but it sure is coming on quickly now!

Top 10 teams this week, full list next week again (running behind on deadline)

Kerby Electric still reigns king at 86 

Taylor’s1 and Taylor’s2/Valley Fabrication tied for 2nd at 80

Jerry’s Towing 79

Robbins Brothers moving up with 69

Selma Secondhand hanging in there with 64

John L Scott Realty moving up with 61

KALA Seafood 58

Bud Bros 57 

and a tie for 10th 3-Ridge Ranch and Valley Boyz with 47.

Honey Pots were won by Troy with KP on 17 (beat out Luke Harris), Troy again with 3rd Shot KP on #18, Jim Losey Long Drive on #12, David Scott beating out Colby for Long Drive on the narrow #14 Jim Losey again with Long Drive on the dog-leg #12 and nobody hit the tiny #13 green so we put its reward into the practice green fund.

The kids’ program is going along very well with 48 now signed up. The little ones are just cute as anything, I encourage spectators to come down and watch the little ones swing like Tiger. This week saw our first injury of the year as Kai Warner took an accidental shot in the mouth from Asher Harris. This helped the rest of them to pay more attention to where they are and who is swinging a club. The little ones also got to hit on actual holes this week as they split up and went out onto the course.

Thursday Ladies Twlight

With a big wedding coming up, our ladies league was scarce this week with only 5 in attendance.  Sierra of Chix with Stix married Danielle Reece’s son Jonathan (from Monday Twlight), and became Sierra Reece – congrats to the Reece-Fisher families!  Back to golf-our ladies had a fun scramble.  We enjoyed the company of Sue, Emily, Jaime Drake, Sherri, and Bertha Miller – owner of our beloved Wild River-Pizza Deli.  We had some laughs, a great birdie on 4, and all-in-all an awesome score – 39!  We hope to see more ladies out this week!

Wednesdays have had a few guys show up for skins and they are having a great time competing in one big group, I guess that’s one of the good things about having a small country course with lots of room for other players to go around us. Troy won a few skins and then spent all his winnings on a few nice cocktails for a couple guys who stayed and put carts away, how do I know this you ask? Take a guess!

This weekend is the annual Alumni Golf tournament. It looks as if we may have as many as 50 golfers out here from all over the place. We are encouraging non-golfers to come and enjoy a live band and excellent conversation in two fabulous wedding tents that we will have set up to keep everyone nice and shady. Band plays from 6-10 p.m. and we have a nice variety of refreshing liquids available.

Next tournament will be the Second Glow Ball on the course July 9. Nine holes before dinner and then 9 holes in the darkness after dinner.